Best Practices

  1. A group of interns work on a project.
    Aligning Internship Programming, Experiences With Competencies a Natural Step for Northwestern Mutual

    Northwestern Mutual shifting the focus of its internship program to development of career readiness competencies seemed like a natural progression since the company was already focusing on themes similar to those identified by NACE’s competencies.

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    Execution Is the Secret Sauce That Drives Successful University Recruiting Results

    Providing a candidate experience that meets—or better yet, exceeds—students’ expectations is the “secret sauce” that drives successful results.

  3. Illustration of a loose crowd of people coming together to form a forward arrow.
    Strategies for Advancing Pay Equity

    Recent data reveal that systemic barriers continue to limit progress on achieving pay equity for all—yet there are tangible, proven ways that career centers and employers can make an impact.

  4. A group of professional women.
    Gender Pay Gap: Tips for Employers to Ensure Their Salaries Are Equitable

    Consultant Katie Donovan offers tips for employers to eliminate the main causes of pay inequity for women, including that women are underpaid doing the same jobs as men and are underrepresented in leadership roles.

  5. A smiling group of students.
    Ensuring Students With Disabilities Can Access Your Workplace and Thrive Once There

    To foster a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, employers should expand their DEI efforts to encompass what is increasingly being referred to as DEIA—or diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

  6. Cappfinity exhibits with EY.
    Cappfinity Partners With EY to Deliver VR Internship Journey That Builds Skills and Confidence

    In 2022, Cappfinity partnered with EY’s UK student recruitment team to deliver an immersive, inclusive, and differentiated approach to early careers recruiting, creating VR for intern attraction and development.

  7. A human hand touches fingers with a robot hand.
    Avoiding Potential Legal Pitfalls Associated With AI Use

    Many URR and career services functions are using artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline their processes and enhance their operations. However, there are potential legal risks adopters should consider as they move from dipping their toes into the AI pool to fully diving in.

  8. A group of recruiters with their hands together.

    Some of the rewarding aspects of being a URR professional include changing people’s lives and providing a seat at the table for many who may not have been historically represented.

  9. A group of interns in a meeting.

    Mohawk Industries believes it has a responsibility to do what it can to support the transition of students to the workplace, which is just one of the reasons its ASPIRE program is so important.

  10. An illustration of the concept of artificial intelligence.
    ChatGPT Answers Questions About Its Role in Recruiting and Hiring

    In a unique interview with ChatGPT, NACE asks the AI language model how it feels about its use as a tool in the job search, career readiness, and talent acquisition; the ethics of its use; and more.

  11. A composite image of people silhouettes and a network.

    Among the key information recruiters need to know to successfully navigate their careers is to stay informed and value relationships.

  12. A Return to In-Person Career Fairs: Member Tips and Ideas

    Over the summer, NACE conducted a Quick Poll to learn about fall recruiting plans, and the findings seemed to indicate that most activities would mostly return to in-person. Employers expected to spend about 70% of their time recruiting in person and 80% of career centers were planning for in-person career fairs. However, even with a return to in-person events, both employers and colleges still had to adjust their standard procedures because of the ongoing risk posed by the pandemic.

  13. A group of college students sit together.
    Skills-based Hiring and Networking Encourages Nontraditional Candidates to Apply for Jobs

    When employers consider skills and practice skills-based hiring and skills-based networking, they bring in a more diverse slate of candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, says Asha Aravindakshan.

  14. A composite image of a person's silhouette and an abstract network.
    Addressing the Prevalence of Mental Health Issues in Young Professionals

    College graduates in their early professional careers report significant mental health issues and view their jobs as a contributing factor. How can employers and colleges provide support?

  15. A group of students discuss recruiting efforts at M&T Bank.
    M&T Bank’s Talent Acquisition Ambassadors Strategic Part of College Recruiting Efforts

    The M&T Bank talent acquisition unit’s partnerships with employee resource groups (ERGs) has yielded a range of benefits, such as helping to identify internal talent, providing training opportunities, improving engagement across the organization, and boosting retention.

  16. A recruiter touches base virtually with an intern during the coronavirus pandemic.
    Top Perks for Interns Can Be Adapted for Virtual Workplace

    The employers that could best weather the coronavirus pandemic in terms of their college recruiting programs will find ways to adapt to current conditions and still deliver on the aspects of their programs that are most important to college students.

  17. A campus champion smiles.
    Setting Up a Campus Champion Model

    An employer looking to set up a “campus champion” program as an element in its campus recruiting efforts turned to colleagues in the NACE Community for ideas on staffing, the responsibilities and expectations of the program, and the guidelines for campus engagement.

  18. Illustrations of data and charts superimposed on the back of a man's head.
    Ethical Considerations for Using AI in College Recruiting

    Two critical factors for limiting bias in AI systems are building diverse AI teams and implementing an enterprise-wide trustworthy AI framework.

  19. A former intern keeps in touch with his new employer.
    Keeping in Touch With Interns Who Have Accepted Your Job Offer

    NACE Community members share ideas for keeping interns who have accepted their job offers interested and excited until the first day of employment.

  20. intern posing with arms crossed
    What Employers Give Interns to Remember Their Experiences

    What, if anything, do you give your interns to welcome them to their internship or help them remember their intern experience?

  21. up close of hour glass
    Offer to Acceptance: How Much Time Do You Give Interns?

    How long do employers give interns to decide whether to accept an offer of a full-time position? Employers want to give soon-to-be graduates plenty of time to make their decision.

  22. group of men and women shaking hands
    Best Practices for Recruiting New College Graduates

    Eight best practices provide a foundation for organizations that are focused on recruiting and hiring new college graduates.

  23. close up of two people looking at a tablet
    Using Data to Develop Your Organization’s URR Strategy

    When it comes to developing URR strategy, Mark Woodrum, university recruiting leader for Cloudera, encourages organizations to drill deeper than general data.

  24. A man engages a new employee to ensure she is onboarded correctly.
    Onboarding Done Right: New Hire Engagement Is the Key

    Onboarding isn’t about completing paperwork or a checklist. It is a six- to 12-month process that integrates new hires into the organization in a way that is designed to decrease turnover by increasing engagement.

  25. A woman carries some file folders containing her company's onboading plan.
    Creating a Plan for Onboarding Success

    This sample onboarding plan lays out activities and processes for helping new hires assimilate successfully over the course of their first year on the job.

  26. Learn, Goals, Skills, Mentor, Experience, Development
    INROADS’ Program Extends Reach of Diversity Recruiting Programs

    INROADS has co-developed a program to help organizations recruit students at a greater number of HBCUs across the United States for paid internships.

  27. Lightbulbs filling up with ideas.
    Future-Proofing Your Organization’s Talent Pipeline

    Following the Great Recession a little more than a decade ago, many organizations learned a costly, yet valuable, lesson.

  28. The concept of maintaining a talent pipeline.
    More Strategies for Maintaining a Talent Pipeline

    Companies that currently do not have jobs or internships should try to provide students with learning engagement support or development, and strive to make connections with them.

  29. A male student communicates in sign language with a potential employer.
    Swinburne Initiative Provides Inclusive Experience for Students With Disabilities

    Swinburne University created the AccessAbility Careers Hub, which provides targeted career education for students with disabilities.

  30. abstract face
    The Importance of Humanizing Technology in the Time of COVID

    For talent acquisition, given its emerging technology-intensive ecosystem, is what role does human interaction appropriately play? Where is the humanity in the technology of talent acquisition?

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  32. abstract laptop
    When Do You Do Background Checks?

    Does your organization run a background check immediately after making an offer or closer to the new hire’s start date? URR professionals in the NACE Community share their approaches.

  33. Students in a classroom
    Insight Into Student Use of Mobile, Other Tech in the Recruiting Process

    Research conducted by Mary Scott reveals that students are far more likely to use laptops than smartphones to complete key tasks throughout the recruiting process.

  34. Picture of a report
    Succeeding in the New Normal: Student Attitudes and Effective Virtual Recruiting

    This NEW publication from NACE, Succeeding in the New Normal: Student Attitudes and Effective Virtual Recruiting, provides recommendations and insights, based on research and qualitative interviews with students, for effective virtual recruiting strategies and practices. Download your FREE copy today.

  35. Image of laptop
    Shifting Perceptions, Adding Value to Your Virtual Career Fair Participation

    Long-promoted as a viable replacement for employers’ physical presence on campus, virtual career fairs had not gained significant traction prior to COVID-19.

  36. several students smiling
    Supporting DREAMers During Their Career Exploration, Job Search

    While DREAMers tend to have qualities employers seek, there are several obstacles they face that career services professionals can help them navigate during the job search.

  37. Picture of graduation cap and diploma
    Class of 2019 Outcomes: Salary Differentials Between Degree Levels Erode

    There is a trend toward an erosion in salary differentials among the degree levels, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2019 First-Destination Survey.

  38. Two people looking at a laptop screen
    Students Differentiate Between Personal, Professional Social Media

    Students consider personal social media to be undesirable as a recruitment channel, whereas they view LinkedIn as professional online networking.

  39. Person shaking hands with another
    Effective Ways to Engage Student Veterans in Career Services

    Career services can play a vital role in helping student veterans realize their goal of meaningful employment after graduation.

  40. Computer image of two people in conversation
    Building Authentic Relationships in a Virtual Recruiting World

    Can building authentic relationships—the very essence of effective recruiting—be replicated digitally? There are steps employers can take to personalize the student experience.

  41. Cutout sign with word engagement
    Talent “Acquisition” vs. Talent “Engagement”: Using Language That Empowers

    It is important for employers to consider the language they use because language can be loaded and have different meanings for different people.

  42. Person looking at computer screen
    NCR Set Recruitment Standard Without Stepping Foot on Campus

    Instead of pausing its college recruiting operations during the pandemic, NCR shifted its focus from on-campus to on-screen engagement, while always putting the students first.

  43. compass closeup
    How NI Revamped Its Early Talent Strategy and New Grad Program to Differentiate Them

    As NI went through increasingly rapid changes due to shifts in the market, it became clear that significant adjustments were needed to its programs and strategies.

  44. person looking at a laptop screen
    Reverse Networking Fair Rekindles Employer-College Relationships

    The State of Georgia’s reverse networking fair offered state agencies the opportunity to promote their career opportunities for college students to career services professionals.

  45. Abstract technology image
    Internet, Tech Access Issues Affect Students’ Ability to Take Part in Virtual Recruiting Events

    It is difficult for students to be or perform their best when they are concerned about the reliability of their internet access and technology.

  46. Man with several faces
    Recognizing Emotions as Real at Heart of Developing Emotional Intelligence

    The concept of recognizing feelings as real is a key step in developing emotional intelligence. The risk you run by not doing so is burnout.

  47. Students listening to lecture
    Community Colleges Are Valuable Partners for Employers Looking to Build Their Talent Pipeline

    One of the barriers that prevents more employers from partnering with community colleges is a general lack of understanding about what these schools and their students can provide.