2024 NACE Internship & Co-op Report & Guide to Compensation Combo

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Get the data you need to determine how to develop a successful internship program, and gain access to actual reported wages and benefits provided for 2022-23 interns/co-ops.

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This collection includes everything you need to assess the effectiveness of your internship and co-op program:

Fee: $415 (members); $680 (nonmembers)

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2024 Internship Survey & Compensation Guide Combo


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2024 Guide to Compensation for Interns & Co-ops Survey Report

2024 Guide to Compensation for Interns & Co-ops Report

This guide—based on actual wages and benefits provided for 2022-23 interns/co-ops—includes data for average hourly wage by degree, academic major, year of study, industry, company size, and region, plus benefits.

April 2024. 8 1/2” x 11”. 81 pages. PDF format.

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2024 Internship & Co-op Report Dashboard

Filter down to the data you need and customize your views

NACE conducted its annual internship & co-op survey October 31, 2023 through January 5, 2024. A total of 230 NACE members and an additional 53 nonmember companies responded. The dashboard provides detailed results based along a variety of parameters, including region, company size, and industry. Responses reflect internship and co-op program results for the 2022-23 academic year.

Hone in on key benchmarks by region, size of company, and industry with this interactive data visualization dashboard, designed to help you make a meaningful assessment of your program and pinpoint where you are doing well and where you can improve.


2024 Internship & Co-op Report

Get the full report: Hiring projections for the 2023-24 academic year and benchmarks from 2022-23

NACE’s 2024 Internship & Co-op Report explores key aspects of employers’ internship and co-op programs and offers both hiring projections for 2023-24 programs as well as key benchmarks based on actual data for 2022-23 programs.

For organizations focused on building the most effective internship/co-op program, the report features key insights—including where interns and co-ops will engage in their experiences this year and who took part in programs last year—and offers current benchmarks for assessing program effectiveness.

The report includes hard data for:

  • Offer, acceptance, and conversion rates;
  • One- and five-year retention rates for employees with internship/co-op experience;
  • Overall hourly wage rates, plus trends in wage rates;
  • Benefits offered to interns and co-ops; and
  • Relocation assistance, including average costs.

The report also looks at how students are sourced and recruited, the effectiveness of specific recruiting techniques, and how interns/co-ops spend their time.

April 2024. 8 1/2” x 11”. 34 pages. PDF format.

(Purchase separately: $305 Member; $460 Nonmember)

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Benefits of Survey Participation

Take part in an essential contribution to the profession

Primary research surveys are administered annually to assist career services and university relations and recruiting professionals in making data-driven decisions; identifying new opportunities; and forecasting for the future.

NACE members who participated in the NACE Internship Survey receive free access to the entire product suite for every single NACE member at their organization at MyNACE > Research Reports > 2024 Internship & Co-op Report & Dashboard. Nonmembers who participated are eligible for a discounted rate.

To learn more about survey participation, contact NACE Research at research@naceweb.org.