Student Attitudes

  1. A group of college students.
    Economic Security Tops Class of 2024 Wish List

    The college Class of 2024 is looking for economic security in a job, according to results of NACE’s annual student survey.

  2. A group of early talent recruiters.
    Recruiters Make the Difference

    Recruiters who foster a sense of belonging among potential hires have a positive impact on the candidate’s view of the organization.

  3. A diverse group of young professionals.
    Preferences for Job/Organization Attributes and Benefits Differ by Race and Gender

    When it comes to the attributes of a job and an organization and the benefits the organization offers, there are some differences in student preferences by race and gender.

  4. A group of Gen Z students.
    Generation Z in the Workplace

    As Gen Z enters the workforce, there will be a shift in workplace culture and expectations, and employers who have embraced these changes have an advantage are positioned for success.

  5. A group of recruiters review a list of what students are looking for in a job.
    What Students Want in a Job: Security, Skill Development, Friendly Coworkers, and Good Benefits

    Job security tops the list of attributes new college graduates say are important in a job. The ability to develop job-specific and soft skills, friendly coworkers, and a good benefits package round out the top five, with the top four all coming within two percentage points of each other according to results of NACE’s 2022 Student Survey.

  6. A Gen-Zer stands in front of a wall of sticky notes.
    Gen Z: Entrepreneurship, Passion, Self-Branding and the Shift to Personalized Work

    In terms of their career interests and goals, members of Generation Z have an increased appetite for and awareness of entrepreneurship.

  7. A close up of a survey questionnaire.
    Survey Finds That Personal Experiences With Inequality, Health Help Shape Gen Z Career Choices

    Personal experience is a factor for how Gen Z high school and college students determine the industries they want to work in and the organizations they prefer to work for, according to results of the 2022 Career Interest Survey conducted by the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS).

  8. Why Authenticity Is Essential to an Impressive and Effective Candidate Experience

    Students’ expectations around authenticity in recruiting have remained constant, but the pandemic created job-search challenges that affect how they assess employers and their opportunities.

  9. person sitting
    Permission to Rest

    Searching for a job can itself be a full-time job and could lead to burnout. Giving students permission to rest and recharge can ease the mental burden and lead to future success.

  10. person looking at a computer
    Virtual Recruiting Offers Path to Equity in Hiring for Full-Time Jobs and Internships

    Virtual recruiting provides a better job-search experience for historically marginalized populations than in-person recruiting, according to results of the NACE 2021 Student Survey.

  11. image of employee benefits
    Students Seek Financial and Insurance Benefits

    College students want their employers to provide financial and insurance benefits, according to results of the NACE 2021 Student Survey.