Student Attitudes

  1. A student works are her computer.
    The Class of 2023: Career Preparation, Plans, and Expectations

    As we head into the warm days of the summer, the Class of 2023 is getting ready to make their mark on their first career destinations. They are starting careers in a world that is trying to emerge from a global pandemic but one that continues to grapple with social justice and equity.

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    While many put pressure on themselves when searching for that first job or internship, it can be beneficial to take any shortfall as an opportunity for personal exploration and growth.

  3. A young adult takes a gap year.
    Alternative Names for a “Gap Year”

    What do you call a “gap year” if you want to demonstrate a special transition period in education?

  4. A young professional decides whether or not to include religion on his resume.
    Including Religion on a Resume

    What advice would you offer to a student who wants to include religious information on his or her resume?

  5. Person looking at laptop screen
    Unpacking Professionalism: A Discussion Following the Shift to Online New Student Orientation

    Ned Khatrichettri and Cameron Vakilian explore the nuances of professionalism in a post-pandemic, increasingly digital world.

  6. people sitting around a table
    Recalibrating Career Services’ Understanding of and Approach to Helping Today’s Students

    Dr. Julia Overton-Healy of St. John Fisher College suggests career services offices need to recalibrate their understanding of who their students are and make changes to accommodate them.

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