Candidate Selection

  1. A young student pursues an online degree.
    Employers See Online Degrees as Comparable to In-person Degrees

    NACE’s Job Outlook 2024 survey found that among employers that capture their new hires’ degree modality, 87.4% hired new college graduates with an online degree.

  2. Someone reviews a stack of resumes.
    The Key Attributes Employers Are Looking for on Graduates’ Resumes

    Career services practitioners can help college students attract the attention of employers via their resume by encouraging them to highlight the skills they developed through their education and experiences.

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    As Their Focus on GPA Fades, Employers Seek Key Skills on College Grads’ Resumes

    Career services practitioners can help college students attract the attention of employers via their resume by encouraging them to highlight the skills they developed—such as problem-solving and teamwork skills—through their various experiences, according to NACE’s Job Outlook 2023 report.

  4. An illustration of a student working on his resume.
    NACE Members Share Their Thoughts on Student Resume Requirements

    With the fall recruitment season about to get underway, NACE members have been discussing a range of topics in the member-exclusive NACE Community, but one that has proven to be particularly engaging centers on student resumes: Do traditional standards still apply or should students make their resumes “flashier” to stand out from the crowd?

  5. A recruiter reviews applications on a laptop.
    Use of GPA to Screen Candidates Continues Fall, Drops Nearly 3% This Year

    The percentage of employers that use GPA screening as a method of choosing job candidates continues to fall as it has dipped nearly 3% since the fall, according to NACE’s Job Outlook 2022 Spring Update.

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    Selecting Target Schools: Ensuring Your URR Program Is Hitting the Mark

    Identifying schools to target for recruitment is critical to the overall success of your recruiting effort. Approach school selection strategically and base your decisions on a foundation of solid data.

  7. A recruiter reviews a student's resume for certain key attributes.
    Key Attributes Employers Want to See on Students’ Resumes

    As they are reviewing college graduates’ resumes this year, employers are focused on finding evidence of candidates’ problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities.

  8. Desk with resume on it
    The Attributes Employers Seek on Students’ Resumes

    With fewer employers screening job candidates by GPA, it is increasingly important that college graduates demonstrate certain key attributes on their resumes.

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    Internship Experience the Top Differentiator When Choosing Between Otherwise Equal Job Candidates

    Employers report that internship experience is the most influential factor they consider when deciding between two otherwise equally qualified job candidates.

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    Key Factors When Choosing Between Equal Candidates for Jobs, Internships/Co-ops

    There are differences and similarities in the attributes employers seek when deciding between two qualified candidates for a full-time job and for an internship or co-op.

  11. Person looking at computer tablet
    The Problem of Bias in Technology

    As employers begin to rely more heavily on the use of technology when screening job candidates, inherent biases within this technology have begun to be revealed in the documentary “Coded Bias.”

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    Problem-solving Skills Top Attributes Employers Seek on Resumes

    Employers report that they look at resumes for evidence the candidate has problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and the ability to work in a team.

  13. Picture of resume
    Should Students Include Professional Summary Statements on Resumes?

    NACE members share their personal thoughts on resume professional summary statements and what information, if any, should be included by students seeking employment after graduation.

  14. three people around a table
    Internship Experience the Most Influential Factor in Tough Hiring Decisions

    When choosing between two otherwise equally qualified candidates, employers deem having internship experience—with the organization or within its industry—to be the most influential factors.

  15. person looking at a laptop screen
    Use of GPA as Candidate Selection Tool Falls

    GPA—once widely used to identify potential candidates for jobs—is now used by fewer than half of employers, according to the results of the Job Outlook 2022 survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.