NACE Mentor Program

MyNACE: Easy access to member benefits, resources, and more.


Through MyNACE, NACE members also get personalized and convenient access to:

  • Account Profile: Manage public profile, update contact information, and more.
  • Directories: Gain access to the NACE Member Directory, College Finder and Employer Finder.
  • Events: Review event history and access attendee lists, order confirmations, and handouts.
  • Job Outlook: Download FREE copies of Job Outlook, an exclusive member benefit.
  • Mentor Program: Submit a request to become a mentor or mentee based on areas of interest.
  • NACE Journal: Read the NACE Journal to stay informed with key issues in the field.
  • NACE Salary Survey: Download FREE copies of Salary Survey, another exclusive member benefit.
  • Research Reports: Access FREE and purchased NACE Research reports.


Contact NACE Member Services at, 610.625.1032.