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    NACE provided a range of articles and resources around DEI-related topics throughout FY22.

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    Diversity and Inclusion Self-Assessment

    The Diversity and Inclusion Self-Assessment is a tool that can be used to gauge current status and progress toward diversity and inclusion goals.

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    Gender Pronouns

    Often, people make assumptions about gender based on a person’s name or appearance. These assumptions aren’t always accurate and can send a potentially harmful message that an individual must look a certain way to demonstrate gender.

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    Fighting Racial Injustice: We Stand Together

    This page provides easy access to a range of events, resources, and other material related to NACE’s commitment to fighting racial injustice and furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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    Native Student Engagement and Recruitment Resources

    Developed by the NACE Tribal Colleges & Universities Affinity Group, this resources includes insights to consider in engaging Native American students and provides links to a variety of Native American organizations.