2024 NACE Undergraduate Enrollment Report


2024 NACE Undergraduate Enrollment Report


Searching for a data-driven approach to finding diverse talent for your interns and full-time hires? We can help.

Evaluate existing school selection opportunities and identify new ones through new custom research from NACE. The NACE Undergraduate Enrollment Report provides total undergraduate enrollment data for all U.S. 4-year, degree-granting institutions. It shows breakouts by institution, gender, race, and ethnicity.

The data contained in this report are obtained from a query of the National Center for Education Statistics website – part of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, also referred to as IPEDS data. The query represents the most current data, Fall 2022, of total students enrolled at the undergraduate level at all U.S. 4-year, degree-granting institutions.

The report also contains total undergraduate enrollments by six categories of majors:

  • Education – 1,484 schools
  • Engineering – 827 schools
  • Biological and Life Sciences – 1,471 schools
  • Mathematics – 1,293 schools
  • Physical Sciences – 1,241 schools
  • Business – 1,851 schools


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