1. An illustration of a stack of books, a graduation hat, and a coin.
    For-Credit Internships Can—and Should—Be Paid

    Some have the mistaken idea that credit means internship experiences can’t or shouldn’t be paid. Affecting all students but especially those struggling with finances, unpaid, for-credit internships require the student to pay for the credit and forgo a paycheck. Employers can and should pay their interns, regardless of whether the student gets academic credit for participating.

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    What Do Students Gain From Internships?

    Internships can provide students with valuable professional skills but also a professional network, which can be even more valuable upon graduation.

  3. A student takes part in experiential learning.
    Sparking Early Experiential Learning

    The SPARK grant at Nazareth College is open to first- and second-year students to encourage and support early engagement in experiential learning.

  4. An intern working at his internship.
    Alumni Gift Will Grow W&M Funding for Unpaid, Underpaid Internships

    A new $1 million gift supporting career development at William & Mary will triple the number of students annually who can receive university funding for unpaid and underpaid internships.

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    UB Social Impact Fellows Program Taps Into Student Innovation to Solve Community Problems

    A University at Buffalo program uses project-based internships with local nonprofits to promote collaboration, interdisciplinary exchange, and the value of social innovation among graduate students.

  6. Idaho Program Develops Interns, Promotes Careers in Career Services and Higher Ed

    University of Idaho Career Services created the “Career Services Internship Certificate Program” approximately five years ago to give undergraduate interns the knowledge, skills, and abilities to transition to the professional workforce.

  7. A student works on her resume during the coronavirus pandemic.
    Should a Student Add a Cancelled Internship to Their Resume?

    It’s true: What a student learns from an internship is most important. However, how important is it for a potential employer to know that a student was offered an internship even though the position was rescinded due to COVID-19?

  8. A group of students collaborate around a table.
    Understanding Cooperative Education

    Over time, cooperative education (also referred to as co-op/co-ops) has gained wide adoption in practice. Although the term “cooperative education” is used at many institutions, no generally accepted definition for this type of experiential education for higher education students exists. Co-op programs vary greatly in myriad ways.

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    The Impact of Scholarships on Unpaid Internships

    Rhonda Fisher Eaker and Alyssa Marks, Metropolitan State University of Denver, look at the effects of funding students for internships in fields where internships are traditionally unpaid.

  10. An internship on the job.
    Allowing Students to Use Jobs as Internships

    Can a current job also count as an internship? Several members of the NACE Community weigh in with their views.

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    Creating an Intern Evaluation Template for Wide Use

    The University of Washington created an intern performance evaluation template that it shares with employers, and on and beyond campus.

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    Engaging Students: The On-Campus Internship Program

    Through its University Professional Internship and Co-op Program, Clemson University provides 1,000 students a year with the opportunity to gain experience, defray expenses, and build career readiness competencies.

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    Grants Make Internships Accessible to Low-Income Students

    Through a grant program, Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation is making internships accessible to low-income students.

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    A Campuswide Transformation: Increasing Access and Reducing Barriers to Student Engagement in Experiential Learning

    In summer 2019, Florida State University implemented an experiential education graduation requirement for all undergraduate students.

  15. Students walk together to their career center on campus.
    Paid Internships More Likely for Those Who Visit the Career Center

    The likelihood of students becoming paid interns increases if they went to the career center for internship assistance.

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    What Do Students Think of Their Virtual Internships?

    How do virtual internship programs compare with their pre-pandemic counterparts? NACE members share what they have heard from students about their virtual summer internship experiences.

  18. Three people in a conversation
    Funding Program for Unpaid Internships in Arts and Humanities Has Unique Twist

    The New College of Florida’s SMAH Internship Program has a twist in its approach that distinguishes it from other programs that fund students’ unpaid internships.

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    Keeping Virtual Interns Informed, Engaged Leads to Strong Conversion Rate for Cigna

    The number of offers accepted by Cigna’s 2020 cohort of virtual interns indicates that the company’s conversion strategy was successful. There are several key reasons for this success.

  20. Student typing on a laptop
    Process Verifies Quality of Internships for UNK Business, Tech Students

    The University of Nebraska at Kearney’s College of Business & Technology Career Center verifies internships to ensure they meet key criteria for their students.

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