Sample Employer Reference Letter

Organizational Structure
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This form may be printed and personalized to suit NACE member needs.

Dear [Name of Employer]:

This reference letter is provided at the request of (or with the written authorization of) [name of former employee]. It is my understanding that [individual's name] has applied for the position of [job title] with your organization. The information contained in this letter is confidential and should be treated as such. It should not be disclosed to anyone within your organization who would not be involved in the hiring decision regarding this individual. Moreover, it should not be disclosed to anyone outside of your organization without the written consent of [individual's name].

[Individual's name] has been employed [or has participated in an internship, cooperative education, or work-study program] by our company since [date] and has held the following position(s): [list positions and salary in each position]. In [his/her] most recent position, [he/she] had responsibility for [explain the person's main responsibilities in this position]. [State your estimation of his/her performance, based upon performance appraisals or other work records that would support your evaluation]. [Individual's name] interacted well with co-employees, was reliable, and showed good judgement. [Give examples.]

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.


SOURCE: CPC Legal Monograph: A New Dilemma: Reference Letters and Checks