Systems and Programs to Support First-Generation Graduate Students

  • Career Level: Intermediate career services, university relations and recruiting, and business affiliate professionals
  • Competency: Working with diverse populations
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  • Summary

    Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the case study of NYU Wasserman career services for first-generation graduate students. Through a comprehensive outline, we will explore the framework, key findings, and valuable learnings from this initiative. Our engaging format includes interactive polls, small-group discussions, and an audience Q&A session.


    • Introduction: We'll kick off the webinar by introducing ourselves, setting the session agenda, and clarifying the learning objectives.
    • Poll on Current Services for First-Generation Graduate Students: Utilizing Mentimeter, we'll conduct an interactive poll to gauge the audience's understanding of first-generation populations at their institutions. This poll will cover definitions, demographic tracking, and existing services for first-generation students.
    • Overview of Institution and Career Services: Learn about NYU's size and scale, along with insights into the first-generation graduate student population served by our career center. Discover the resources available to support this group.
    • Defining First-Generation Graduate Students: Explore how NYU defines first-generation undergraduate students and the inclusive graduate-level definition we developed.
    • Surveying First-Generation Graduate Student Needs: Gain insights into our initial survey assessment of the needs and experiences of first-generation graduate students at NYU, as well as the challenges and opportunities uncovered.
    • First-Generation Graduate Student Webpage and Listserv: Get a firsthand look at our dedicated webpage for first-generation graduate student career information and our listserv sign-up to facilitate communication about career programs, events, and resources.
    • First-Generation Graduate Student Career Development Programs: Delve into the programs launched in Spring 2022 - Fall 2023, including discussions, workshops, panels, and networking sessions. Learn about their purpose, logistics, topics covered, attendance, and semesterly evaluations.
    • First-Generation Graduate Student Career Certificate: Discover the pilot launch of the First-Generation Graduate Student Career Certificate in Fall 2022, designed to incentivize program participation and celebrate student achievements. Learn about the certificate's creation, requirements, and the number of students who earned it in the pilot semester.
    • Next Steps in First-Generation Student Services: We'll conclude the session by sharing our plans for the future of first-generation graduate student career services, providing insights into our ongoing commitment to this vital initiative.
    • Closing Remarks and Q&A: In the final segment, we'll offer concluding thoughts and open the floor to questions from the audience.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Begin building first-generation graduate student support systems at their home institutions through a guided career development framework;
    • Evaluate and iterate career services for first-generation graduate students through various approaches and methods; and
    • Reflect on first-generation graduate student needs at their respective institutions and gain an understanding of the unique circumstances and expectations of this student population.


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