Well-Being in Higher Education: Raising Literacy and Advancing the Conversation

A Special Program | February 26-March 1, 2024 | Virtual

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NACE is proud to join 20+ higher education associations in this free, virtual series to explore the meaning of well-being and its impact on student success.

Come together with fellow higher education professionals to collectively engage with well-being content, brainstorm ideas, deepen your cross-campus relationships, and further your holistic understanding of well-being. Participate in dozens of cross-association webinar opportunities to learn more about well-being and real-world strategies your members can bring to their campuses.

Expected learning outcomes for this event are that after attending, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate why well-being is critical to the mission of higher education
  • Discuss how each campus position is inherently a part of well-being work
  • Describe the aspects of well-being and differentiate between wellness and well-being
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration to increase campus well-being

All three NACE sessions will be recorded and offered as free on-demand webinars for members!


Participating Organizations


Session 1 | The Leader’s Role in Cultivating Well-Being and Sense of Belonging

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 | 2 - 3 p.m. EST

Delve into the experiences and strategies of two leaders in higher education associations as they strive to foster personal well-being and belonging in the workplace. Explore individual and group strategies for stress management, maintaining a healthy work/life equilibrium, and promoting a sense of belonging at work. From personal and professional anecdotes to collective strategies, gain invaluable insights into fostering well-being and inclusivity as an imperative for today’s leaders. Discover how to cultivate supportive norms, practices, and policies within your team, while also championing diversity and recognizing the contributions of every individual. Join us for an enriching discussion that combines personal reflections, practical strategies, and collective insights to support your journey as a current or future leader in higher education.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand individual strategies for promoting personal well-being and stress management within the context of leadership.
  • Learn how to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity within academic/workplace communities.
  • Discover collective approaches to support well-being within teams, including establishing supportive norms, practices, and policies.

Presented by

Shawn VanDerziel, President & CEO, National Association of Colleges and Employers
Amber Shaverdi Huston, National Association for Campus Activities & Educational Foundation

Session 2 | How to Foster Campus-Wide Well-being: A Roundtable Discussion

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 | 2 - 3 p.m. EST

Join us for a national panel discussion on fostering campus-wide well-being in higher education hosted by Tennessee State University (TSU). Our diverse panelists, including industry leaders, students, administrators, expert leaders, and faculty, will explore tailoring initiatives, evidence-based practices, and stakeholder roles in advancing well-being.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to customize well-being initiatives to meet the needs of diverse campus communities effectively.
  • Explore evidence-based strategies for cultivating a culture of well-being on college campuses, applicable across various educational settings.
  • Gain valuable insights into the multifaceted roles of stakeholders in championing well-being initiatives at TSU and beyond, fostering collaboration and sustainable change

Presented by

Dr. Antoinette Hargrove Duke (Moderator), Tennessee State University
Dr. Robbie Melton, Tennessee State University
Dr. Wendelyn Inman, Tennessee State University
Ms. Sydnee Collins, Tennessee State University
Ms. Rhonda McNutt, Tennessee State University
Ms. Chrishonda O’Quinn, Tennessee State University
Mr. Derrell Taylor, Tennessee State University

Session 3 | Creating a Culture of Kindness

Thursday, February 29, 2024 | 2 - 3 p.m. EST

George Mason University is committed to being an institution of higher education that embodies kindness as a core value. During this session, you will learn from GMU Career Services Employer Engagement Consultant Philip Wilkerson, who serves on the campus-wide Mason Chooses Kindness committee. During this session, you will learn about practical strategies to build partnerships for kindness with various campus departments across campus and engage faculty/staff, students, and alumni in programs to encourage kindness.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the tangible benefits of being a culture of kindness in the recruitment, retention, and support of Mason faculty/staff, students, and alumni.
  • Discuss ways to market and promote kindness through various communication channels around an institution.
  • Share initiatives and programs to increase kindness on campus

Presented by

Philip Wilkerson, George Mason University
Ann M. Garner, MA, PCC, George Mason University
Lewis E. Forrest II, George Mason University
Zayd Hamid, George Mason University