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  • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services and university relations and recruiting professionals
  • Competency: Computing systems and applications - career planning and information resources
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  • Summary

    Higher education grapples with challenges around student retention, engagement, and career readiness. VitaNavis is a career and skills development platform that addresses these challenges by leveraging interest and personality insights through widely used, research-backed assessments like MBTI and SuperStrong. Research supports their efficacy in increasing completion rates, retention and persistence, and overall career satisfaction. As a B Corp-certified corporation, we prioritize equitable, scalable access to career development and readiness tools to equip students in school and work, while supporting faculty to achieve their campus-wide student success goals.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Understand the research around interest and personality in support of higher retention, engagement, and completion;
    • Use interest and personality insights, such as MBTI and SuperStrong, to guide career decision-making and readiness, and overall well-being for students; and
    • Learn about the VitaNavis® platform, why it was developed, and how it can help you and your students.


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