FED Career Advising - Call to Serve Network Opportunities with the Partnership for Public Service

  • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services, university relations and recruiting, and business affiliate professionals
  • Competency: Use of career, occupations, and employment information
  • Fee: FREE (member); FREE (nonmember);
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  • Summary

    How can career advisers connect students and alumni to federal government careers? What opportunities exist for students pursuing a career in government? Learn more from the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with the mission to build a better government and stronger democracy. Learn how to engage with the Call to Serve Network, the only national network collaborating with both federal agencies and hundreds of institutions of higher education working to promote federal service and recruit the next generation of public servants.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Learn about federal advising resources available through GoGovernment.org and the Call to Serve Network;
    • Learn more about pathways into federal government and federal internship opportunities including the Future Leaders in Public Service program; and
    • Learn about the Federal Advisor Certificate program, a professional development asynchronous course created for higher education professionals.


Visit the professional development FAQ page, or contact the NACE Education & Events Team via e-mail or phone, 610.625.1026.