April 2023 NACE Competency Symposium

  • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services professionals
  • Competency: Acquisition of appropriate career resources
  • Fee: $99 (member); $149 (nonmember);
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  • Summary

    What to expect

    Featured sessions will share a framework of foundational strategies that are core to a successful competency initiative.

    Awareness and Learning: Learn from subject matter experts about how to establish a culture of awareness and learning among students, campus collaborators, and partners and the importance and impact competencies have on student success, institutional effectiveness, and graduate outcomes.

    Assessing Competency Proficiency: Hear from expert colleagues about assessing competency proficiency among students, approaches to sharing assessment results with students to enhance proficiency development over time, and ways to measure the overall proficiency of student cohorts.

    Articulation: Employers now prioritize competency proficiency as more important than GPA, and in some cases, major, when engaging candidates. Students’ ability to articulate and contextualize their competency proficiency to employers is a key to a successful transition to the world of work.


    1. NACE Kick-Off Panel: Opening Session - Competencies Initiatives Within the Higher Education Landscape: Shaping the Future of Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness
    2. Using Teaching Strategies to Ensure Student Success with Competency Awareness, Development, and Articulation
    3. Incorporating Career Readiness in Student Employment: Career Academy
    4. Communication and Self-Efficacy Development Through Groups and Peer Support
    5. NACE Competency Curriculum and Assessment Rubrics
    6. Building a Culture of Skill Research and Integration to Best Prepare Students for the Future of Work
    7. A Faculty Champion Approach and Tools You Can Use to Help Students Articulate Career Competencies
    8. Educating & Empowering: Building Partnerships to Take Competency Assessment to the Next Level
    9. Transferable Skills Digital Badging: Behind the Scenes of Creating a Career-Readiness Culture
    10. Stealth Integration of Competencies Into Academic and Career Advising
    11. Infusing NACE Career Competencies Into Curricula
    12. Internship Preparation With Career Competencies
    13. Self-evaluation of Competencies Through Student Employment
    14. VCU College-to-Career (C2C) Blueprint: Career Readiness Through the Disciplines



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