The Employer’s Guide to University Recruiting & Hiring


The Employer’s Guide to University Recruiting & Hiring


Enhance your college relations and recruiting program with this 360-degree view of the university recruiting and hiring profession.

This “how-to” resource will show you how to select target schools; develop effective strategies for sourcing, recruiting, and retaining candidates; establish important contacts on college and university campuses; position your organization as an employer of choice; invigorate your diversity recruitment efforts, address the issues and attitudes of college students and new graduates, evaluate your recruiting program, and bring new hires onboard successfully.

Filled with samples and checklists, this indispensable guide can help you build a URR program from the ground up or modify an existing operation for greatest ROI.

NACE University Relations and Recruiting members can access under MyNACE > Resources.

September 2016. 93 pages. PDF format.