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    H-1B Visas: Basic Rules for the Most Common U.S. Work Visa

    The H-1B is the most common work visa in the United States. Using the H-1B category, U.S. employers are permitted to hire international workers who have at least a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree or the foreign equivalent, if the individual will work in a position requiring the type of degree that the graduate has.

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    Op-Ed: Systematic Approach to College Affordability for International Students

    The internet is full of advice on how international students can lower the costs of their own education, but individual students aren’t going to solve this problem on their own through a personalized, piecemeal approach. Collective action is necessary. Stakeholders from the educational sector, financial world, and the business community must work together to create a unified system that works.

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    Unpaid Internships for International Students: Risky Business

    Unpaid internships can put international students at risk of violating their immigration status.

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    H-1B Visas: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

    Immigration attorneys review H-1B visas, changes that have impacted the H-1B program, and proposed legislation that may further impact H-1Bs.

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    USCIS Launches New Pre-Registration Process for H-1B Filings

    Beginning on March 1, the USCIS will implement a new “pre-registration” system for employers seeking to file H-1B petitions for employees.

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    Advisory Opinion: Working With International Students

    This advisory opinion from the NACE Principles Committee addresses concerns many career centers have in working with international students who are limited by work authorization restrictions.

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    The Significant Impact of COVID-19 on College Enrollments

    The guarded optimism of early June has faded into the reality that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on college enrollments for the fall.

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    International Student Employment: Answering Questions About the Need for “Employment Visa Sponsorship”

    Immigration attorney Mark B. Rhoads answers several critical questions about international students navigating the visa sponsorship process.

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    Op-Ed: Building Partnerships to Support International Student Career Development

    It is critical that administrators and staff at colleges and universities foster an environment of inclusion and belonging for international students; for career development professionals in particular, this means making it clear to international students that their career development matters. One of the best ways to do this is by building a strong partnership between the career center and international student services.

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    The Importance of Honoring Names: Perspectives and a Plea From an American of Asian Descent

    As employers continue to emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion at the workplace, acts such as correctly pronouncing names becomes an increasingly important first step.

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    Legal Q & A: Are employers required to interview international students?

    Employers are not required to interview an international student who has an F-1 or J-1 visa, even if the student is otherwise qualified for the job. Although employers can refuse to interview or hire international students who do not already have some form of permanent work authorization, most cannot stipulate that U.S. citizenship is a job requirement.

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    DHS Adds 22 Fields of Study to Its STEM Designated Degree Program List

    The Department of Homeland Security is amending its STEM Designated Degree Program List by adding 22 qualifying fields of study.

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    Legal Issues: Interviewing and Hiring International Students

    Employers need to know how to determine if an international student will require visa sponsorship—and career services professionals also should be aware of this process so that they can effectively advise these students.