1. A group of career advisors in a meeting.
    Career Advising From the Primary Role Academic Adviser’s Viewpoint: A Review of the Literature

    The role of today’s primary role academic adviser is robust and multifaceted. Advisers must continually provide supportive outreach and engagement to address student interests, develop academic plans, and identify career paths from the time students first enroll throughout their college experience, and oftentimes, well past graduation.

  2. People illustrations surround a giant
    LinkedIn: Creating a Lifelong Habit

    As a career coach, I meet with both domestic and international students who are hoping to build their connections in a variety of industries. Many of our newer graduate programs in the Katz School of Science and Health can be completed in as little as 12 months, so there is a relatively short runway for these students to develop and cultivate their industry connections.

  3. A silhouette of a college graduate.
    Undeclared Students and the Career Decision

    There is a seemingly endless supply of tools and tips for helping the undeclared student figure out what they want to do with their life. This process is difficult for students, challenging them to develop self-awareness alongside visions for the future.

  4. woman smiling across the table from interviewer
    Preparing Students for, Setting Up Mock Interviews

    How can your career center help students to prepare for their mock interviews and set up the mock interviews to maximize the experience?

  5. two figurines on a page with directional lines
    Career Coaching: The Wandering Map Activity

    The “wandering map,” a variation on the mind map, encourages students to explore their lives on paper.

  6. mashup of clip art images showing success
    Career Coaching: A New Paradigm for Student-Centered Career Services

    The coaching movement addresses the student as an equal partner, empowering them to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

  7. counselor working with a student
    Primary Focus: Career Coaching vs. Career Counseling

    Coaching is the primary focus regarding the career development of students and the professional development among career services staff.

  8. career coach looking over a students shoulder
    Appreciative Career Coaching: A Practical and Positive Approach for College Students

    Appreciative inquiry is a positive, solution-focused approach to problem solving and is sometimes labeled appreciative coaching, appreciative advising, and appreciative living. These labels tend to reflect the population served: Appreciative inquiry focuses primarily on organizations, while the other terms apply more to work with individuals.

  9. A young professional decides whether or not to include religion on his resume.
    Including Religion on a Resume

    What advice would you offer to a student who wants to include religious information on his or her resume?

  10. A rural student is sitting at an overlook.
    Serving Rural Students

    Many colleges are placing a renewed emphasis on recruiting rural students. Are career centers prepared to help them when they get there?

  11. person giving a handshake
    Conscious Job Seeking: Assessing Employers’ Commitment to DEI

    There are questions that career services professionals can suggest their students ask recruiters to assess an organizations’ DEI priority and commitment.

  12. person looking at another person
    Questions Students May Ask to Assess Your Organization’s Commitment to DEI

    Students may ask specific questions to assess your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Be prepared to answer them.

  13. Two circles intersecting
    Career Coaches and Academic Advisers, Unite!

    By intentionally blending appreciative advising and brain-based career development, career services professionals can better serve students.

  14. Career Planning written on wall with graph
    Op-Ed: A Calling-Centered Approach to Career Exploration

    Career services professionals have been wrestling with helping students pursue work that provides meaning and allows them to make an impact. Career services professionals can benefit from a calling-centered approach to career coaching.