Strategies to Increase Campus Recruiting ROI


Strategies to Increase Campus Recruiting ROI


The most common challenge in university relations is having a healthy budget to engage in multiple services with the respective campuses at which you recruit. The intent of this webinar is to showcase the traditional strategies vs. non-traditional strategies of campus recruiting through innovative best practices and engage you in a self-reflection approach of the actual time you are investing on campuses. We will focus on non-traditional strategies to maximize your time on campus and move beyond transaction approaches such as career fairs, info sessions, and more. Return on investment can occur beyond transaction services if the right amount of time and effort are being put forth.

The presenters offer more than 15 years of combined professional experience in career and college recruiting. During the presentation, you will receive and discuss survey results regarding this topic from career services and university relations and recruiting professionals.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Analyze real survey data to compare traditional vs. non-traditional types of recruiting activities that yield the most ROI;
  • Determine a strategic approach to campus recruiting that does not require a large budget and moves beyond “transactional” approaches; and
  • Construct a plan of action to transform weak relationships to strong relationships, which will contribute to overall ROI success of campus recruiting.

Presenters: Adrienne Antonio, Senior Regional Recruitment Manager, City Year, Inc., Stephanie Reyes, Assistant Director of Employer Relations, California State University - Fullerton, and Elizabeth Zavala-Acevez, Director, Career Center, California State University - Fullerton

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