What’s in a Name: A Panel Discussion on the LatinX & Hispanic Community

  • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services and university relations and recruiting professionals
  • Competency: Working with individuals and groups
  • Fee: $49 (member); $69 (nonmember);
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  • Summary

    While Latinos have been targeted on and off campus, questions of identity remain a topic of much discussion among Latinos given its importance in the process of decolonization. How should we identify ourselves? Is there a need for a collective name that encompasses our multiethnic-multiracial communities? Is the arc of identity too broad or too narrow?

    There are members of the LatinX community who have achieved great accomplishments but may not have been recognized even within their own communities.  Our session will begin with an introduction of a few from academia who have contributed despite the stigmas, barriers, and challenges that still exist. 

     We will define and explain the differences among the various terms used to identify members of the Latino(a)X and Hispanic communities. What do these labels mean, and where are they derived from? Are you aware that not all are accepting of the term LatinX?  Are you knowledgeable of some of the stigmas a LatinX person faces?  

    This session is packed with stats and stories describing what we define as LatinX culture; it addresses stereotypes/stigmas and challenges/barriers that members of this community continue to face, and explores the importance of career and community supports, such as academic and professional development organizations.  

    The panelists describe how they define themselves, what terms they use, and the struggles they may have in expressing multiple identities to which they may belong.  Panelists will offer insight into the LatinX community supports and resources that have helped them along their career journey.  They will describe their personal stories of successes and triumphs.  

    Attendees will gain information about the LatinX community, resources to support them, and what they can do to embrace this diverse group in their environments.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Introduce and profile successful but potentially unknown LatinX people from academia;
    • Provide definitions of the terms Latino(a)X and Hispanic. This includes the interpreted meanings of the different terms and how each label can affect or may be perceived by the various populations;
    • Describe LatinX culture, addressing any stereotypes and the importance of non-career-related community support;
    • Identify key career barriers and challenges of the LatinX community and how to provide supportive resources for their journey; and
    • Offer insights from LatinX professionals who have experience managing in environments where there is minimal LatinX presence and support.


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