The Wellesley Hive: Mentorship at Scale


The Wellesley Hive: Mentorship at Scale


How can a few individuals support thousands of students and alumni in a personalized manner? To confront this challenge, the Wellesley team sought to create an ecosystem where students and alumni could leverage the collective knowledge of the Wellesley community and support each other.

The Wellesley approach to mentorship design is relevant to institutions of all types and sizes and takes in to account people, process, and culture to ensure sustainability and promote scale. Come learn how to integrate a modern approach to mentorship, scale your services, and integrate thoughtfully to ensure longevity and success.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand key components driving the need for modern approaches to mentorship;
  • Identify steps to design and implement a mentorship strategy; and
  • Examine creative and strategic approaches to measuring programming success.


Jennifer Pollard, Director, Operations and Analytics, Wellesley College Career Education and Adam Saven, CEO, Co-Founder, PeopleGrove

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