• Internships: Best Practices

  • Tips for Developing an Internship Program Schedule

    Consider developing an internship program schedule populated with activities for interns to connect more deeply with the company, build skills, and bond with one another.

    Project With Nonprofit Helps Interns Connect With Community

    Rosetta’s pro-bono internship project is a way for the company to give back to its community while providing its interns with an experience that allows them to use their skills in a project-based setting outside of their day-to-day project teams.

    Tips for Maintaining Ties With Interns

    It is critical that your organization maintain the relationships it has developed with its interns when they return to campus. Here are several tips.

    How Others Do It: Vanderbilt Internship Focuses on Analysis, Problem-Solving


    The capstone experience for Vanderbilt University’s undergraduate Human and Organizational Development (HOD) degree is an internship in which the learning objectives are associated with the coursework, not the vocational learning.


    Three Best Practices for Internship Program Success


    There are many “best practices” you can implement to strengthen your organization’s internship program. Three you may not have considered include offering a flexible work schedule, inviting faculty to visit interns on site, and holding new hire panels to showcase your organization to potential interns.


    Internship Program Growth Can Spark Full-Time Hiring

    Five years ago, we hired very few college graduates and did very little on campus,” explains Greg Muccio, who leads the team responsible Southwest Airlines’ contingent work force staffing, college recruiting, and internship program. “Our internship program was small and mostly focused on aviation-related roles and some marketing positions.” Now, the company’s NoLimits internship program covers 30-plus departments that use interns.

    15 Best Practices for Internship Programs

    Best practices for internship programs, including work assignments, orientation, housing and relocation, work arrangements, and managing the program.

    Intern Performance Reviews: The Supervisor's Perspective

    When supervisors provide periodic and constructive feedback to interns, it can enhance the internship experience and help prepare these students for the workplace.

    Best Practices for Converting Interns: Getting to Yes

    For many organizations, internship programs are an important pipeline feeding full-time hiring programs. Here's what works.

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