Technology Excellence Award Entry

Please complete this entry form to submit your program to be considered for a
NACE Technology Excellence Award

Entry deadline: January 31, 2015

Please keep the following criteria in mind as you answer the questions on this form:

  • Impact—Demonstrates specific program achievements and outcomes against stated objectives.
  • Innovation—Demonstrates a model that is creative and cutting-edge in its delivery.
  • Best practice—Demonstrates a model that can be successfully replicated by others.
  • Measurable success—Demonstrates metrics that justify continuation and indicate potential for further growth.

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1. Problem/Need Statement

Briefly describe the problem or need you were trying to address in creating the program.

2. Program Objectives

What specifically were you trying to achieve?

3. Program Description


4. Program Evaluation

Briefly describe the methodology you used to evaluate the program. How well did you achieve the program’s objectives? Please provide statistics.

5. Program Outcomes

What were the specific outcomes of the program? Describe your institution’s commitment to the program’s continuation.

Entry deadline is January 31, 2015. Questions? Contact Cecelia Nader.

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