Advocacy Advisory Committee

Committee Charge: The Advocacy Advisory team takes the lead in identifying core issues for the profession; educates members regarding legislative and/or regulatory matters that may impact the profession; and advocates before governmental officials and the public for outcomes that best support the interests of NACE members, the profession, and the employment of the college-educated. In keeping with the Advocacy Strategic Plan as identified by the 2011-12 Advocacy Advisory team, the 2012-13 team will address the following priorities:

1. Identify and recommend action on issues of critical importance to the profession. For 2013-14 these include:

  • a. First Destination/Post Graduation Surveys
  • b. Brain Act -- proposed immigration changes for STEM students
  • c. Potential changes in Workplace Compliance Regulations (plan, prevent, protect)
  • d. Re-authorization of the Higher Education Act
  • e. Social Media Legislation (monitor)
  • f. Unpaid Internships and DOL (monitor)
  • g. Others as identified

2. Facilitate member involvement in advocacy efforts

  • a. Engage members in "pulse taking" on issues
  • b. Hold sessions and events (virtual, F2F, conference, legislative day) to encourage member discussion of issues

3. Participate in a comprehensive communication path

  • a. Contribute to articles, columns, position papers, web site, etc. related to advocacy
  • b. Continue offering conference sessions on advocacy

Kathy Sims
Director, Career Center
University of California - Los Angeles - Career Center

Marie Artim
Vice President, Talent Acquisition

William Banis
Vice President, Student Affairs Emeritus
Northwestern University

Ralph Brigham
Global Director of Campus Relations
Southwestern Advantage

Patricia Carretta
Assistant Vice President, University Life
George Mason University

Andrew Ceperley
Project Director
The University of Melbourne

Emanuel Contomanolis
Associate Vice President & Director
Rochester Institute of Technology

Thomas Devlin
Director, Career Center
University of California - Berkeley

Denise Dwight Smith
Director, University Career Center
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte - University Career Center

Marcia Harris
Career Dimensions NC

Timothy Luzader
Director, Center for Career Opportunities
Purdue University - Center for Career Opportunities

Jack Rayman
Director, Career Management Center
Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy

Vanessa Strauss
Senior Advisor, Human Resources
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Shawn VanDerziel
Chief Human Resources Officer
The Field Museum

Marilyn Mackes
Staff Advisor
Executive Director

Edwin Koc
Staff Advisor
Director, Strategic & Foundation Research