Preconference Workshops

Join us on Monday, June 5, for these morning and afternoon preconference workshops.

Morning Sessions | 8 a.m. – Noon ET

  • Pathways to Student Success With Competency Development

    Audience: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services professionals
    Fee: $375 (member); $425 (nonmember)


    How will the revised NACE Career Readiness Competencies move us forward in building a successful workforce? Two years in the making, the revisions reflect the work of a member task force, research conducted by NACE in partnership with SkillSurvey, and recommendations gathered through the NACE membership. The session will provide an overview of the revisions, share highlights about the work of the task force and the research into behaviors associated with the competencies, and review implications for developing talent.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Understand the eight core competencies that employers seek in job applicants;
    • Develop a framework for incorporating the competencies into a career readiness curriculum; and
    • Create a plan to communicate competency development to campus and university stakeholders.


    • Timothy Harding, Asst. Vice President for Career Development and Engagement, Office of Student Affairs, The University of Tampa
  • Building Premier External and Employer Relationships

    Audience: Basic- and intermediate-level career services professionals
    Fee: $375 (member); $425 (nonmember)


    External and employer relations partnerships are an essential and valuable part of career services. This interactive session will allow you to understand best practices and strategies associated with this work while using an ethical framework for engagement and decision making.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Articulate practices and approaches associated with employer / external relations work
    • Create an outreach campaign with criteria for identifying employer targets and tracking engagement efforts
    • Consider and incorporate diversity and inclusion as core components in relationship management


    • Larry Jackson, Interim Senior Associate Director, Counseling and Programs, University of California – Berkeley
  • From College to Corporate—Bridging the Gap With Early Career Programs

    Audience: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level university relations and recruiting professionals
    Fee: $375 (member); $425 (nonmember)


    Is your goal to help students find jobs after college or to hire new talent for your company? Do you want to learn new ways of connecting college to career for students to ensure their success? Then join Mohawk Industries, as they utilize Design Thinking principles to help attendees identify challenges and bridge the connection between college students, career services, and employers. Finally, Mohawk will leave attendees with information on how they have connected college to corporate through their early career programs and university partnerships.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Identify connection between NACE Competencies and an organization’s talent development strategy.
    • Identify challenges faced in working with college students/new grads and ways to help them build needed skills.
    • Incorporate talent development into programming to help ensure students’ career readiness.


    • Ryan Elder, Senior Director, HR and Talent Development, Mohawk Industries
    • Jessica Nguyen, Ed.D., University Relations Manager, Mohawk Industries  
  • Coaching Fundamentals

    Audience: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services professionals
    Fee: $250 (member); $375 (nonmember)


    The purpose of this course is to understand fundamentals in coaching, including the basics in questioning and listening, and goal setting in coaching. Through the skillful asking of questions and acute listening, coaches increase their ability to connect with coachees in identifying potential, a plan, and assessing progress.

    Module 1 will be presented live in this preconference workshop. Module 2 will be available as an on-demand webinar in the NACE Learning Platform. After this workshop, attendees should go to > Purchase History > Precon: Coaching Fundamentals to complete Module 2 and take the assessment for Module 1 and 2. In order to earn the four continuing education clock hours applied to this course, you must pass the assessment with an 88% or higher.

    MODULE 1: Basics in Questioning & Listening | Format: Live Workshop

    Module 1 Overview: Asking powerful questions and developing acute listening skills are important for a coach to successfully connect and engage with clients. Coaches should develop their skill at asking questions: The ability to ask relevant questions at timely moments facilitates insights, progress, goal setting, communication, and potential. What enables someone to be a good coach is to develop a curious mindset. Coaches must also develop a skill that is parallel to asking good and relevant questions—learning to be an attentive listener.

    Module 1 Content Areas:

    • The basics of asking questions;
    • Mindset and what that means for the coach and coachee;
    • Definition of listening: purpose and benefits of active listening; and
    • Skills to learn how to improve active listening skills.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn the basics of powerful questions, and how success also lies in listening;
    • Listen with good intent, curiosity, and be fully present; 
    • Learn the components of powerful questions and various methodologies for questioning, such as appreciative inquiry, solutions-focused question, as well as understanding reflection; 
    • Understand the process of coaching, and questions that work well at various stages of the coaching conversation; 
    • Review ethics, sensitivity of coaching, meeting the coachee where they are at, and possible barriers to change;
    • Cover topics such as active listening, demonstrating compassion, and applying the use of reframing;
    • Become aware of and listen acutely to culturally sensitive questions and reflections from the coachee; and
    • Understand how powerful questions can promote effective decision making, and aid in the exploration of ideas.

    MODULE 2: Goal Setting and the Coaching Process | Format: On-Demand Webinar

    Module 2 Overview: The goal of this module is to understand the fundamentals of the coaching process and goal setting. The coach will learn how to establish short- and long-term goals utilizing approaches from various theorists of positive psychology.

    Module 2 Content Areas:

    • How to assist coachee in establishing short- and long-term goals focused on change and goal attainment;
    • Methods for monitoring progress;
    • Decision-making models that reduce client risk and promote goal attainment;
    • Strategies to leverage coachee’s ability to make a change; and
    • Support systems and resources needed for goal attainment.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn various approaches to coaching, such as solution-focused approach, person-entered approach, and identifying the elements of the coaching process; 
    • Understand the importance of the initial coaching conversation, which sets the stage for a successful coaching relationship; 
    • Question and analyze the process, and coach and coachee expectations; 
    • Review basic coaching skills, such as active listening, use of powerful questions, role of designing actions, goal setting, and self-management; 
    • Understand the core elements of coaching, as it relates to self-directed learning; and how the partnership is blame-free; built on trust; and has a solution-focused bias to action; and 
    • Understand the coachee’s preferred process for meeting goals and how to monitor their progress toward attainment of such goals; and
    • Utilize skills of assessment to assess the coachee strengths related to goals.


    • Fred Burke, Director of the Graduate Career Management Center, Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College

Afternoon Session | 1 – 5 p.m. ET

  • Recruiter Bootcamp Intensive: What You Really Want and Need to Know

    Audience: Basic- and intermediate-level university relations and recruiting professionals
    Fee: $375 (member); $425 (nonmember)


    Join Seldric Blocker, Executive Director, Head of Asset & Wealth Management Campus Recruiting at JPMorgan Chase and NACE Board of Directors VP; and Bruce Soltys, VP, University Relations & Leadership Development Programs, Travelers Insurance and former NACE Board of Directors for a four-hour session that will touch on everything you ever wanted (and needed) to know about the ever-evolving world of Recruiting. From DE&I to digital platforms, hybrid recruiting to managing teams, stakeholder management to relationship building, you will not want to miss this one. Seldric and Bruce have a combined 40+ years of human resources and recruiting experience. Both began their careers as recruiting coordinators/sourcers and now work as Heads of Campus for two Fortune 100 companies. Geared toward recruiters of all levels, Seldric and Bruce look forward to spending this candidly transparent session with you all! 


    • J. Seldric Blocker, Executive Director, Head of Asset & Wealth Management Campus Recruiting, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    • Bruce Soltys, Vice President, University Relations & Leadership Development Programs, Travelers