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Using Identity/Allyship Communities to Develop the Next Generation of Diverse Leaders
Join this panel discussion to hear from career services leaders who facilitate identity/allyship community models to provide curated connections, opportunities, resources, and experiences to students and alums from underprivileged backgrounds. Learning Objectives: Examine how all higher education institutions are responsible for scaffolding the experience and success of the diverse students we recruit. Learn how identity/allyship and career communities enhance diverse distance learners' sense of belonging and community, as well as their development and success. Explore how communities can be key strategies for the enhanced engagement of students and all community members in our collective preparation of the next generation of leaders.
University Relations & Recruiting
Developing, Supporting, and Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
Panel Session
Main Speaker:
Kevin Grubb, Villanova University
Additional Speakers:
Eileen McGarry, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, Excelsior University
Briana Randall, University of Washington