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The Student Journey: Central New Mexico Community College Work-Based Learning
Central New Mexico (CNM) Community College has set the goal that every student has the opportunity to have a work-based learning experience. The work of the CNM Workforce and Community Success Division is increasing the number of internships for its students and improving the access to and transparency of these opportunities with a focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity. Learning Objectives: Learn about CNM Community college’s approach to centralizing work-based learning (WBL) opportunities. Gain an understanding of how dashboards can be used to baseline activities; assess diversity, equity, and inclusion strengths and gaps; and support continuous improvement in WBL programs. Identify the challenges, considerations, and best practices in launching a college-wide hub for supporting and tracking WBL activities.
Career Services
Strategies for Talent Acquisition
Main Speaker:
Joy Forehand, Central New Mexico Community College
Additional Speakers:
Samantha Sengel, Central New Mexico Community College