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Our Talent, Your Future—The New Digital Era of Work, Gigs, and Recruiting
Engaging employers in higher education is integral to talent acquisition strategies. It helps align programs with employer needs so students can secure diverse careers. Yet, even after decades of partnership, challenges remain on both sides. Work itself is changing, requiring an agile approach toward talent pipelines and skills as the new currency. Learning Objectives: Understand how digital platforms may help hiring teams reframe their talent-attraction strategies to make the best talent match for their needs—in light of the next generation of work. Become familiar with gig economy resources and engagement ideas, shifting the focus to enabling individuals to promote themselves and their personal brands while enjoying creative freedom to showcase their talents. Understand how employers are adjusting their approach toward skills-based hiring and digital credentials, and how educational institutions might prioritize skills/learning over hiring outcomes to help close hiring gaps.
Strategies for Talent Acquisition
Panel Session
Main Speaker:
Hassan Akmal, University of California, San Diego
Additional Speakers:
Tod Oliviere, University of California - San Diego - Career Services Center
M'Chelle Ryan, Upwork