• Six Keys for Effective Recruiter Selection and Training

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    August 15, 2012

    New York Life puts a strong emphasis on recruiter selection and training. After all, Melissa Slevin, the firm’s young professional market manager, says recruiters “are a direct extension of who we are as a company. They are often responsible for the first impressions of the company in the eyes of potential agents.”

    With this in mind, New York Life has several keys that make its recruiter selection and training successful, including: 

    • Seeking recruiters in the position for which the firm is hiring—New York Life’s recruiters begin their careers at the firm as agents, so they know the right questions to ask and what it takes to be a successful agent. By having previous experience, the recruiters have a thorough knowledge of the educational requirements, key characteristics, and professional experience needed in the agent position. 
    • Looking for important recruiter qualities—New York Life seeks certain key qualities and traits in its recruiters. Slevin says that in addition to being team players and having good communication and listening skills, recruiters need to be personable, have strong coaching skills, and be able to cultivate and build relationships. They also need to have excellent follow-up skills and the drive to succeed. 
    • Allowing potential recruiters to gain hands-on recruiting experience—Before transitioning into the role of a recruiter, potential recruiters must work with current recruiters to gain firsthand experience and determine whether the position is a good fit. Potential recruiters get the opportunity to test their abilities and see if they have the right qualities to become successful recruiters. 
    • Providing ample training—New York Life supplements the hands-on work experience of its recruiters/agents with a training program that starts at the beginning of their careers and continues throughout. Courses cover management and leadership development, the recruiting process, interviewing, branding, workflow management, and more. Those wishing to be considered need to complete a comprehensive course and meet other performance requirements, such as maintaining a set production level as an agent, demonstrating an ability to recruit agents, and more.
    • Offering different training options—Training is conducted consistently throughout the year depending on the method and courses being offered. New York Life’s training facility is used for intensive week-long training and online courses are available. Additional peer-led training is offered regularly at local offices. 
    • Ensuring recruiters deliver a consistent message—At New York Life, consistency is maintained through constant support on the local and corporate level, through ongoing training and turnkey materials provided from the firm’s corporate headquarters.


Six Keys for Effective Recruiter Selection and Training