• Creating Value for Your Advisory Board Members

    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
    May 29, 2013

    Advisory board members provide your career center with great value by shaping programming, conducting special projects and events, evaluating services, and more. What can you give them in return? Here are some ways to create value for your advisory board members:

    • Choose board members wisely—Select and invite board members who have experience working with your career center and who offer a range of positions and perspectives. Seek out those who lead their organizations’ recruiting and can talk about talent management in broad terms, and campus recruiters whose primary job isn’t recruiting, but who have been to your career fairs, have conducted interviews on your campus, and can provide insight into how your students have performed during the recruiting process and on the job. Not only is this range of perspective invaluable to your career center, it’s invaluable to the other board members as well.
    • Provide them with insight and information—Board members appreciate thoughtful and relevant agendas for on-campus meetings that equip them with information to take back to their own organizations. Don’t just ask them to provide you with feedback, but provide them with information—perhaps about new academic programs or insight into student preferences—to help them do their jobs better. For example, add several discussion topics—such as the use of social media in recruiting—to your meetings.
    • Connect the board members to students—When board members come to campus, hold events to allow them to meet and interact with your students. This could include mock interviews, resume critiques, etiquette dinners, luncheons with career center peer advisers, or presentations by several of your interns. This interaction will enhance their service and give them first-hand insight into the work of your career center and your students’ progress in their job searches.

Creating Value for Your Advisory Board Members