• Tips for Sourcing Interns

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    February 6, 2013

    Where does your organization find its internship candidates? If you have just one answer, you may be relying too heavily on a single resource or method for sourcing your interns.

    Following are tips for sourcing interns from a range of areas:

    • Keep your eyes open—You should always be ready to identify and engage intern candidates during any event where you have contact with students, including while representing your organization at career fairs, speaking to or attending student organization or professional association events, guest lecturing in classes, serving as a volunteer for mock interviews, attending information sessions on campus or open houses at your site, and more.
    • Ask your employees—An employee referral program for interns can help you identify good candidates.
    • Take advantage of campus services—Check with the career center to identify events and student organizations that could help with your intern-sourcing efforts. The career center may also help you post or advertise your internship openings. If you are offering scholarships to your interns, use the services of the campus scholarship office to identify candidates. Faculty members and student organizations can also be sources of referrals.
    • Post openings on your organization’s website—Posting openings on your site allows you to provide greater detail about your organization’s internships, culture, and benefits. Furthermore, you can “sell” your program by including photos and video testimonials from former interns.

Tips for Sourcing Interns