• Student Attitudes

  • Student Survey: Class of 2013 Plans for After Graduation

    The percentage of Class of 2013 seniors who had definite plans to enter the work force immediately after graduation grew by a fraction from the Class of 2012, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2013 Student Survey.

    Student Survey: Use of Career Services Rises for Class of 2013

    Bachelor’s degree graduates from the Class of 2013 used career services to a greater degree their counterparts from the Class of 2012, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2013 Student Survey Report.

    Student Survey: The Employer and Job Preferences of Graduating Seniors

    What are the most important employer and job factors to members of the Class of 2013? The opportunity for personal growth, friendly co-workers, job security, and a good benefits package were among the most important considerations when evaluating a specific job, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2013 Student Survey.

    The Heart of Recruiting: Conventional Wisdom Isn’t Always Your Best Guide

    The acceptance rate for positions in the corporate office was high; however, an employer found it difficult to identify students who were willing to start their careers in more remote locations.

    Tech Talk: International Students’ Use of Social Media and Technology


    Whether an international student seeks a position in the states or back home, social media and technology are tools to understand hiring policies, learn trends in the international job market, identify international employers, and connect with alumni abroad.


    Job and Employer Preferences of Advanced Degree Students


    The characteristics, desired employee benefits, preferred industries, and starting salary expectations that advanced degree students hold.


    Preferred Industries and Key Job Factors for Associate Degree Grads

    In considering their potential employment offers, associate degree grads identified the nature of the work and compensation as the most important factors.

    What Students Want From Employers

    The following elements and practices, based on responses to NACE’s 2012 Student Survey, offer ways you can boost your recruiting according to the preferences of the college students your organization is recruiting.

    Attitudes and Experiences of Advanced Degree Students

    The undergraduate degree has been the point of demarcation between those individuals likely to go into blue-collar occupations and those entering the white-collar, managerial, professional track. However, over the past decade or so that line has become increasingly blurred. It is not that those without a bachelor’s degree are now likely to enter managerial realms; it is that the bachelor’s degree may no longer provide the avenue to a certain managerial, professional path.

Student Attitudes