• Internships: Outcomes

  • The Internship Sectors and Pay Status of STEM Majors

    In which sectors were STEM majors most likely to have had an internship or co-op? And were their internships paid or unpaid?

    Internship/Co-op Experience of STEM Students

    Among STEM students, computer science, engineering, and environmental science majors were the most likely to have had an internship/co-op experience.

    Unpaid Internships: A Clarification of NACE Research

    NACE research has found a strong positive relationship between a student having an internship and an increased probability of receiving a full-time job offer while searching for a job prior to graduation. NACE data to date, however, have not allowed for a full analysis of the relationship between having an unpaid internship and the prospects for full-time employment after graduation.