Leadership Advancement Program Application

Applying for the NACE Leadership Advancement Program is a
three-step process.

Step 1:

Complete and submit the form below.

Step 2:

Submit your professional resume to Cecelia Nader.

Step 3:

Submit a professional letter of recommendation supporting your nomination into the Leadership Advancement Program. The letter may be written by a colleague who works in your professional arena or by any other acquaintance that you have worked with in a civic/community activity. There is a 500-word limit. Please forward your recommendation letter to Cecelia Nader.

Only applicants who have completed both steps in the application process will be considered.


Contact Cecelia Nader.


The LAP application includes a number of short-answer essay questions. Each requires a 100- to 250-word response. Be aware that the essays are given significant consideration and play a very important role in the selection process.

1. Why are you interested in contributing to NACE as an association leader/volunteer? What motivates you to take on such a role in the future?  
2. What qualities make a good leader? What do you consider to be your most significant achievement as a leader?  
3. What specific skills and experiences make you a suitable candidate for selection as a potential leader of the association?  
4. Please describe one challenge you have faced as part of a committee or team. How did you overcome the challenge and what did you learn from dealing with that situation?  
*5. Areas of Interest (Please select up to three, and indicate your first, second, and third choices.)
  Advanced degree students/employment
  Branding and communications
  Diversity and inclusion
  Employment legislation, regulations, and advocacy
  Experiential education (internships, co-ops, etc.)
  Liberal arts students/employment
  NACE membership engagement
  NACE Mentor Program
  Ph.D. students/employment
  Pre-college career development and employment
  Professional development
  STEM students/employment
  Technology in recruiting
  Two-year college students/employment

Leadership Advancement Program - Form