2015-2016 Board of Directors

Committee Charge: The Executive Committee fulfills the ongoing charges outlined in the NACE Bylaws, Article VII, 7.01 in order to advance the strategic direction of NACE. In particular, the Executive Committee: · Identifies strategic issues to bring to the Board · Advises staff on day-to-day issues · Establishes the agenda for Board meetings · Maps out how the Board’s business should be conducted · Organizes the activity of other committees · Invests, expends, borrows, and enters contractual agreements in accordance with the approved budget · Monitors compensation, benefits and personnel policies for the staff · Engages with the Executive Director regarding problems needing rapid resolution

Dawn Carter
Director, Early Careers
Intuit Inc.

Kathleen Powell
Asst VP Student Affairs, Executive Director, Career Development
The College of William & Mary - Career Center

R. Samuel Ratcliffe
Past President
Director, Career Services
Virginia Military Institute

Norma Guerra Gaier
Vice President-College
Director, Career Services
Texas State University

David Ong
Vice President-Employer
Senior Director, Corporate and College Recruiting

Adrienne Alberts
Director Employer
Director, Talent Acquisition
American Red Cross

O. Ray Angle
Director College
Asst. Vice President of Career and Professional Development
Gonzaga University

Christian Garcia
Director College
Executive Director
University of Miami - Toppel Career Center

Jennifer Lasater
Director College
Vice President, Employer and Career Services
Kaplan University- Online

Catherine Neiner
Director College
Director, Career Development and Advising Center
Georgia Gwinnett College

Stephanie Pallante
Director Employer
AVP, Global Campus Recruiting

Margaret Paulin
Director Employer
University Relationship Specialist (URS)
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Pamela Webster
Director Employer
AVP, Talent Acquisition

Marilyn Mackes
Executive Director