Member Diversity and Outreach Team

Committee Charge: The Member Diversity and Outreach Committee solidifies NACE’s position as the premier association for colleges and employers through targeted and customized outreach and initiatives to current, former and potential members. The team also strengthens NACE outreach initiatives for diversity advancement and effective engagement of diverse members for leadership opportunities. In close collaboration with the NACE staff and building on the work of the 2013-2014 Membership Outreach and the Diversity Research Committees, the team will contribute to the overall success of NACE by achieving the following outcomes: • Working with the NACE staff, conduct an analysis of how the new membership model has influenced the demographics of member organizations and provide any related recommendations by January 5, 2015. • Strengthen the strategic intentionality and outcomes of membership outreach efforts. o As soon as possible, identify targets and implement strategies for the 2014-2015 NACE AMBASSADORS outreach initiative. o Identify opportunities and provide recommendations for encouraging under-represented groups of employers (e.g. size and industry group) and colleges/universities (e.g. two-year) to join NACE and engage as members; explore potential NACE participation in events associated with underrepresented groups (NSBE, etc.) to increase visibility and presence. • By March 1, 2015 develop and recommend a three-year plan with objectives and strategies for increasing membership size and diversity with 1) attention to embedding diversity into member engagement and leadership development efforts and 2) focus on increasing NACE membership particularly among under-represented employer and college/university groups.

Grace Kiem
College Relations Program Director
Fidelity Investments

Christine Timm
Associate Director, Career Services
University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Career Services

Harold Bell
Director, Career Planning and Development
Spelman College

Daniel Black
Board Advisor
EY Americas Director of Recruiting

Evonne Brazell
College Relations Senior Manager
Macy's, Inc.

Ripp Kardon
Campus Relationship Manager

Caitlin Merrell
University Programs Specialist
Google, Inc.

Rebecca Patten-Lemons
Director, Career Services
Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana

Chaim Shapiro
Assistant Director, Career Services
Touro College

Vanessa Strauss
Senior Advisor, Human Resources
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Lynn Sydnor-Epps
Associate Director, Employer Relations
University of Delaware - Bank of America Career Services Center

Kayla Villwock
Intern Program Manager
SAS Institute Inc.

Philip Witcher
Campus Recruiter
Santander Consumer USA

Mimi Collins
Staff Advisor
Director of Communications

Diane Giglio
Staff Advisor
Member Services Manager